Charms is the online, password protected website that allows the Boosters and Director the ability to communicate important and sensitive information to individual students, specific choirs, and the entire choir program when the need arises. It is also the place where parents can access data about their students’ choir activities.

Although every effort is made to communicate updated information to families, it is still each family’s responsibility to check Charms and Jupiter Grades on a regular basis for current information and announcements. Every family in the VMD is asked to log in to Charms and enter/update the most current information for their student and parent/guardians to ensure the VMD Boosters can be in contact as needed.

Access Charms login page here.

Please log into the Parents/Students/Members area.

The school code is: bvhschoral

For direct link to Charms public CALENDAR ONLY, click here.

Every family is also encouraged to sync the Charms calendar to their phones. This is an easy and convenient way to receive schedule updates. First enter Charms, then choose the Calendar Tab. There will be a “Sync Calendar” under the tabs and next to the “Exit Charms” button near the top of the page. Instructions for your device will appear.