San Diego Sings 2019


Please prepare your group to follow these guidelines for a successful festival experience.  Failure to follow one or more of these guidelines may result in a 25 point penalty for each infraction.

  1. Each group must sing a minimum of three selections.  For Show Choirs, two of these selections must be choreographed.

  2. Each group’s total onstage time (set-up to tear-down) may not be more that 25 minutes for Novice and Intermediate; 30 minutes for Advanced Tier 2; and 35 minutes for Advanced Tier 1 Groups.  Timing begins as designated by official festival timekeeper, will be paused during group introduction, and ends when all performers and equipment are entirely off the stage and out of the way of the next group.  A tech crew will be available to assist backstage.

  3. The penalty for going over the allotted time will be a 1% deduction of the total points possible for every 15 seconds.  (1% of 600 points = 6 point deduction for every 15 seconds over time).

  4. Advanced Tier 1 and Tier 2 accompaniment must be played live.  Sequenced accompaniment enhancements are permitted, provided house equipment for playback is not required.  Recorded accompaniment may be used in the Middle School, Novice, and Intermediate Divisions only.

  5. A standard 5-piece drum set, bass amp and 10 music stands will be provided for use by all groups.  Please do not bring this equipment.  Backstage storage space is very limited!  A grand piano, a keyboard amp and a guitar amp will also be available.

  6. Four levels of 32’x4’ StageRight platform risers with 8”, 16”, 24” and 32” will be provided, for a total of 16 risers.  The platforms will be placed on the stage in three rows with a 12 foot performance area to the mic line and will remain fixed during the Intermediate Division.  Please do not bring your own risers.  A fourth row of risers may be added to the set-up and/or the platform configuration altered, for the Advanced Division only, with prior approval.  Please contact festival host to discuss options.  The festival stage manager will confirm platform placement before your performance.

  7. Only “house” sound and lighting systems may be used.  There will be 5 wireless microphones.

  8. Please bring a copy of Lighting Cues for the festival technicians, if not submitted ahead of time.  In addition to full stage lighting options, there will be two spotlights available for use.  Any Special Effects (fog, confetti, fire extinguishers, etc.) must be cleared by the theater manager at least one week in advance.  A representative may sit in the technical area to clarify any requests.

  9. Groups must remain in their seats throughout the competition.  Members may leave and enter the theater between performances ONLY.  Appropriate audience behavior is expected.  Please do not allow students to put their feet on the chairs, and ensure they refrain from chewing gum, fixing hair, or applying make-up in the auditorium.  No food or drinks are allowed in the theater.  Groups may be penalized for infractions of this rule, at the discretion of the festival officials.

  10. No student member of an Advanced level group may compete in the Novice/Intermediate Division, or vice versa.

  11. No photography or videography is allowed in the theater except for one designee for each per group.  Flash photography is not allowed at any time. Designated seats (2) will be provided for the group on stage for the purpose of videotaping/photographing. This rule applies to ALL audience members. Groups may be penalized for infractions of this rule, at the discretion of the festival officials.  Please advise your supporters of this policy.

  12. Groups must enter stage left, and exit stage right.  Your festival hosts shall guide you to appropriate areas before, and following, your performance.  At no other time shall groups be allowed backstage.  Groups may not go to the warm-up room until directed to do so by their festival hosts.  After their performance, groups must return to their seats.

  13. In keeping with the California Education Code and SUHSD District policy, the presence or use of alcohol or a controlled substance by any schools’ participants or guests, anywhere on campus, will be cause for that school’s disqualification from the competition.

  14. Guidelines may be changed at the discretion of the festival coordinator/host in order to provide the best experience for all students.  Point deductions for infractions are at the discretion of the festival coordinator/host.